Head of QC and the Pharmaceutical Laboratories Division at Schaper & Brümmer

Cornelia Bodinet, PhD

 Cornelia Bodinet, PhD

Cornelia Bodinet specialises in medicinal plants and their microbiological and pharmaceutical quality requirements. She is also an expert in pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacology and toxicology, quality control, quality assurance and sanitation.

Cornelia Bodinet studied Biology with a focus on Microbiology and was awarded a PhD in Pharmaceutical Biology. She began her professional career in R&D at Schaper & Brümmer and took on the role of Head of the Microbiology and Cell Culture laboratories in 2004.

Today, she has overall responsibility for the pharmaceutical laboratories, and is the Head of QC and responsible for hygiene.

She has been a member of the BOM since 2007. Cornelia Bodinet is involved in numerous audits and inspections carried out by national and international companies and authorities and carries out GMP audits herself. She is a speaker for Concept Heidelberg and other companies and is a member of several specialised working groups (BAH, FAH, VAAM, CPM).

As a result of her speaking engagements and involvement in working groups over a number of years, she works closely with other experts from the pharmaceutical industry.

She is author or co-author of the following chapter of GMP Compliance Adviser:

  • Kapitel 14.F Microbiological testing