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The technical support helps you with any problems, which occur during installation or use of our online products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GMP?
>> Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
GMP ensures that patients receive medicinal products of uncompromised high quality. Compliance with these quality standards is imperative during the manufacture, processing, packaging and storage of medicinal products.

Is my GMP Compliance Adviser login valid for the webshop as well?
>> No it isn't. A separate registration is needed for the webshop (pick and choose your own login password).

Which browser is the best for using the online knowledge portal?
>> For optimal usage we recommend mozilla firefox or google chrome.

What's the difference between a corporate licence and a single user licence?
>> The Online Single Licences allow access to the knowledge portal for one named user.
>> With the Corporate Licence all employees of your company will have access to the GMP Compliance Adviser Online. Everybody does work with one source.
More information and help: GMP Compliance Adviser or contact Annette Crawford: crawford@gmp-publishing.com +497622/6668674

How will I  be informed about ongoing changes in the GMP Compliance Adviser?
>> If you have access to the GMP Compliance Adviser you will receive our GMP Insider via email. With this newsletter we will inform you about the latest changes. Register here: GMP Insider

When will I receive my purchased download?
>> You will get your download as soon as we have received your payment. If you have paid by credit card you will get the download immediately.

How can I see the dollar prices?
>> Click on the € symbol in the headline. Now you can change to our dollar shop.

Why is VAT included for dollar prices in the product overview?
>> The tax is shown by default. This changes in the ordering process after selection of the country.

If you have any further questions please contact us: +497622/6668670, service@gmp-publishing.com



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