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A major driving force behind the foundation of the GMP-Verlag in 1999 was a lack of GMP interpretation for practical application. The GMP Compliance Adviser still closes the gap between GMP regulations on the one hand and the fulfilment of requirements in practice on the other. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) should be better and easier to realise for the readers.

With us, our customers always find a GMP-safe answer – up-to-date, practical & inspection-proven

GMP managers must constantly keep the balance between desire and reality. The knowledge portals, media and publications from the GMP-Verlag help to find good solutions.

A second important factor in the foundation was the compatibility of family and career. The founders Barbara Peither, Anita Maas and Thomas Peither wanted to face professional challenges and at the same time fulfil parenting. Even today the workplaces still do justice to both the employees and the publishing house. Sometimes this is a great balancing act that we master: "Where there is a will, there is a way." This is why most employees work part-time – including the managers.

Uncompromising quality in drug manufacturing (GMP) protects human life – we help you with this!

The production of pharmaceuticals is a highly sensitive area. The requirements for manufacturing, processing, packaging and storage companies are strict. For good reason: deviations in quality have a direct effect on the health of the patients.

It is becoming more and more difficult to keep track of the countless requirements, laws, regulations and guidelines. The big challenge is to know all requirements, interpret them correctly and implement them on time.

The practical GMP information provided by GMP-Verlag shows what is important. GMP compliance ranges from development and procurement, through production, packaging and testing, to storage and transport. With our publications we accompany the entire process chain. The knowledge portals GMP-BERATER (German) and GMP Compliance Adviser (English) are now among the standard works in the pharmaceutical industry.

We connect the GMP experts of the pharmaceutical industry worldwide – for the benefit of patients!

More than 80 authors are decisive for the success of the GMP-Verlag. The contributions are created and optimised in an intensive exchange between editorial staff and authors. The readers are the focus of the work and "always sit at the editorial table". The aim is to provide the reader with a reliable and up-to-date working basis.

The GMP-Verlag does not only feel obliged to the patients, customers and authors. We also bear social responsibility and donate a part of the profits to charitable institutions that are primarily dedicated to child and youth work. We also take the sustainable production and design of our products very seriously and are constantly looking for improvements. For example, we reduce the consumption of plastics, use CO2-friendly means of transport, compensate for CO2 intensive travel, work 100% with renewable energy, commission regional suppliers, and support home office activities.

Customer service: You are our focus.

Good customer service is particularly important to us. And if you ever have any questions about GMP issues – please contact us, we will be happy to help!

Up-to-dateness: You enjoy currency in a fast moving world.

We cooperate with the authorities in the translation of new regulations. New requirements are interpreted in a timely and practical manner. With the GMP newsletter LOGFILE you are always well informed.

Security: You always receive reliable information.

Our editorial team consists of a large team of experts and can provide many answers directly.

Comprehensibility: Complex regulations are presented in an understandable way.

Using examples, graphics and checklists, we explain the requirements clearly and concisely.

Innovations: You benefit from new technologies and media.

The GMP-Verlag faces up to the challenges of today: knowledge transfer with online media, digital media in the knowledge portals, the use of artificial intelligence in the editorial process or new discussion formats. You benefit from the innovative power of the GMP-Verlag in your work – for over 20 years!

Under the motto "GMP knowledge for your safety" we see ourselves as a neutral platform and permanent contact point for GMP questions and publications.

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GMP Compliance Adviser receives award

GMP knowledge that convinces


On 7 June 2016, GMP-Verlag Peither AG has received a SIPAward in the category

"Best New Success Story"

and was awarded with the 3rd place.


The GMP MANUAL (now: GMP Compliance Adviser) impressed the jury with "Safe Drugs through Better GMP Understanding".



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