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share their knowledge of GMP implementation according to GMP regulations
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See for yourself how GMP Compliance Adviser provides you with state-of-the art GMP know-how that will simplify your daily business!


Table of contents

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Reading Samples
"GMP in Practice"

1.B The road to a pharmaceutical quality system


Extract: 7.A Process Validation - Official Requirements


Extract: 18.H Questionnaire for preparing GMP inspections


19.B.3 The qualified person - Qualification and Experience


21.A.11 GMP for APIs - Laboratory Controls

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GMP Compliance Adviser

With the GMP Compliance Adviser, you have the information you need to make sure your GMP program is the best it can be. The GMP Compliance Adviser is presented in two parts:

GMP in Practice is written in a concise manner by noted industry experts according to international GMP regulations. Numerous approaches and examples of problem-solving are included. All articles are reviewed by an International Advisory Board and industry experts for accuracy and validity.  More than 700 checklists, templates and SOPs examples are included.

GMP Regulations contain important, continuously updated GMP regulations from Europe, USA, Japan, PIC/S, ICH and WHO. Each regulation has a separate index. It provides examples, templates and includes numerous checklists, figures and cross-references.

>>> more information: GMP Compliance Adviser