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Award for the
GMP Compliance Adviser

GMP knowledge that convinces.


On 7 June 2016 Maas & Peither GMP Publishing has received a

SIPAward in the category
"Best New Success Story" and was awarded with the 3rd place.

The GMP MANUAL (now: GMP Compliance Adviser) impressed the jury with "Save Drugs through Better GMP Understanding".

GMP Compliance Adviser

GMP Compliance Adviser CD-ROM
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GMP Compliance Adviser CD-ROM
€ 790.00
€ 940.10
Der MwSt.-Satz richtet sich nach der Produktart, auf Print-Produkte werden 7% und auf digitale Produkte 19% berechnet. Bei Bundle-Produkten werden beide Steuersätze berücksichtigt. Vor dem endgültigen Auslösen der Bestellung wird die MwSt. bestellspezifisch angezeigt.
The costs for shipping and handling depend on size and weight of the shipment and the destination country. They are individually shown in detail before finalization of the order.
offline version of the GMP Compliance Adviser
Edition: August 2017
Delivery: 2-5 business days after receipt of payment


The GMP Compliance Adviser is the most comprehensive GMP database worldwide. It combines theory and practice in a way already found useful by more than 10,000 professionals in over 70 countries.

The GMP Compliance Adviser consists of two sections:
GMP in Practice - Its 24 chapters cover GMP interpretations, written by internationally renowned industry experts, providing practical help.
GMP Regulations - Its 8 chapters cover the most important GMP regulations from US (CFR and FDA), Europe, PIC/S, ICH, WHO and others.
See here the full table of contents...

The GMP Compliance Adviser offers significant benefits, for example:
- More than 700 checklists, templates and SOP examples
- Easy to use

Practical features of the GMP Compliance Adviser

- comfortable full-text search
- search and compare regulations
- copy and paste
- bookmarking
- print options

The CD-ROM version of the GMP Compliance Adviser is perfect when you are in the field or travelling. It is small enough to take along everywhere.

You will find it an easy and efficient way to retrieve the appropriate GMP information needed.

Any questions?
Please contact:
Ms Annette Crawford crawford@gmp-verlag.de
The GMP Compliance Adviser is written and supervised by GMP experts around the world.
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Computer processor: minimum Pentium II
Main memory: at least 64 MB
Available fixed-disk memory: approximately 450 MB
Operating system: Windows 95 or a more recent version
Internet browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
GMP Compliance Adviser
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GMP Compliance Adviser
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