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Managing Outsourced GMP Activities Successfully

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This e-book shows you procedures you can implement now that ensure the successful management of your outsourced GMP activities.


16 pages

ISBN: 978-3-95807-024-0

1st edition 2015

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Excerpt from the GMP Compliance Adviser

Contracting services to third parties (outsourcing) is becoming more and more important due to the increasingly stringent quality and safety requirements that apply to medicinal products and the increasing cost pressure in health care. Outsourcing ensures that the contract giver and the contract acceptor can focus on their core competencies. It is useful when special technologies or expensive equipment are required, provides access to third-party expertise and, at the same time, frees up in-house resources.

Managing Outsourced GMP Activities Successfully gives how-to advice on:

  • What legal requirements need to be observed when outsourcing activities
  • How collaboration should be managed
  • What the purpose of a liability limiting agreement is and what it should include
  • What needs to be checked during the supplier audit

You'll discover procedures you can implement now that ensure the successful management of your outsourced GMP activities.

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