Cookie Policy

Here we explain to you which types of cookies we use and how you can restrict or prevent the use of cookies.

Types of cookies

We use cookies that differ in origin, purpose and expiration time.


First-party cookies are stored and managed directly by us. We use such cookies, for example, to obtain information about your user behaviour on our website.

Third party cookies are deposited and managed by partners. This is the case, for example, if you register for our newsletter or take part in a survey or competition.


Technically necessary cookies enable the basic functionality and usability of the website. These cookies store, for example, the language you have selected or the contents of your shopping cart.

Cookies for statistical purposes make it possible, for example, to obtain information on the number of visits to various areas of our website or on the frequency of visits or the behaviour and habits of users. This enables us to continuously improve our offer.


Temporary cookies are only stored temporarily on your end device. These include, for example, the so-called session cookies. They store a unique session ID, which is necessary for the assignment of products you have placed in the shopping cart or for the assignment of your customer data. When you close your browser, these cookies are automatically deleted.

Permanent cookies remain stored on your end device even after you have closed the browser. This enables us to recognize you, for example, when you visit our websites at a later date. These cookies are automatically deleted after a preset period of time, which may vary depending on the cookie. They are also deleted if a new version of the cookies is installed, if you object to these cookies or if you remove the cookies from your terminal device yourself via the security settings of your browser.

Restrict or prevent the use of cookies

Via our website

When you visit our website for the first time, you will be asked to decide which types of cookies you wish to accept. This setting will be saved. If you wish to change the setting, you must first empty the cache of your browser via the browser settings. You can then adjust your cookie settings when you visit our website again.

Via your browser settings

You can set up your browser so that you:

  • Be informed about the setting of cookies.
  • Allow cookies only in individual cases.
  • Exclude the acceptance of cookies for specific cases or generally.
  • Activate the automatic deletion of cookies when closing the browser.

By clicking on the following links, you will be given direct access to the configuration options of the most common web browsers regarding cookies:

Google Chrome,
Microsoft Internet Explorer,
Mozilla Firefox,
Safari (Apple)

Please note that if you disable cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of our website.

Cookies that we use

The following table gives you an overview of the cookies we use, their purpose and their duration.





Data protection-

Technical cookies






Enables the assignment of customer data

After leaving the website

Point 5


Required for language setting

After 24 hours

Point 5


Allows you to assign the screen type for correct display of the page contents

After leaving the website

Point 5


Enables the assignment of products

After leaving the website

Point 5


Necessary to select the currency during the payment process

After leaving the website

Point 5


Causes the cookie notification to no longer be displayed after approval

After one year

Point 5

Personalization cookies





Enables the recognition of customers and the provision of personalized information

After one year

Point 5

Statistics / Analysis cookies





Cookie of the analysis service Matomo. Saves the User-ID.

After 13 months

Point 11


Cookie of the analysis service Matomo. Temporarily saves the data for the website visit.

After 30 minutes

Point 11

third-party cookies






Necessary for newsletter registration

After leaving the website

Point 9


Necessary to start surveys

After one minute

Item 10


Used to distinguish users from each other

After 30 seconds

Item 10


Is used to identify the visitor

After 2 years

Item 10


Used to anonymously track user interactions with content on the site

After one day

Item 10


Is used to test the efficiency of advertising, e.g. on websites

After 3 months

Item 10


Analysis cookie for surveys

After one year

Item 10


Used to ensure that a survey is conducted properly

After 1.5 hours

Item 10


Used to collect information on respondents' interaction with surveys

After one year

Item 10


(as of 03.06.2020)


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