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GMP:READY - Various Online Courses


Are you looking for a way to train yourself or your colleagues sufficiently?

We offer a variety of high-quality e-learning courses.


With GMP:READY you can train yourself and your employees in an easy, high-quality and flexible way.

Advantages for your company:

  • Cost savings due to reduced training times
  • Guaranteed and documented learning success
  • Personal Certificate
  • Easy to organise
  • Follow-up training
  • Validatable software
  • Complies with the obligation to provide evidence in accordance with Article 7(4) of Directive 2003/94/EC

Advantages for your employees:

  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • Self-paced learning
  • Select the learning modules you need
  • Multimedia learning
  • Continuation of the course unit without data loss after interruption
  • More learning motivation through animated interaction
  • Effective knowledge transfer with hands-on examples

Available Courses

Good Distribution Practice - GDP compact (bundle)

  • 11 A: Basic GDP Requirements
  • 11 B: New Focus of the GDP Guidelines


GMP for Engineers (bundle)

  • 12 A: GMP Basics for Technology & Engineering
  • 12 B: From the Planning Stage to Functional Testing
  • 12 C: From Functional Testing to Handover
  • 12 D: Maintenance and Operational Support
  • 12 E: Design Principles and Technical Documentation


Support for your training success

You get support ... before, during and after purchase.

GMP:READY is a high quality training tool which adapts to the requirements of your company and your training system. This is an appropriate solution for your training program – regardless of the number of employees. GMP:READY offers educational solutions designed for your individual training needs.

You get support on

  • The selection of course units,
  • The introduction of e-learning into your company and
  • The integration of e-learning into your existing training concept.


Our team has more than 20 years of experience in GMP, training and 10+ years in e-learning. Thus, we are prepared to work with you for a competency-based learning.

Blended learning is recommended by leading education experts recommend: It is the perfect combination of face-to-face training and learning on the computer. Since the knowledge is imparted through various learning paths, the material is absorbed more sustainably and can be retrieved for longer.


Find out for yourself and contact us at:

Annette Crawford
Phone: +49 7622 66686-74


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Customer Experience

Would you like to know how our customers successfully use GMP:READY?

Pharma Group Located in Basel, Switzerland

Initial situation: 180 employees trained in 3 months

A staff department of a large pharmaceutical company in Basel was faced with the task of training 180 employees on the subject of documentation within 3 months. It was clear that neither internal nor external trainers were able to reach them within this short period of time. Since the department had already gained positive experience with e-learning, this seemed to be the only feasible solution. The requirement, however, was to include the department-specific documents in the training so that no off-the-shelf program could be used. And: The training had to be held in English!


Within 6 weeks, the German course unit GMP:READY "Why so much paper" was adapted into the company specifications. The descriptions of the documents were adopted and some of the documents were stored in the original as links. All texts were translated into English and adapted by the department to the company-specific wording. In this case audio was dismissed, as the e-learning was to take place in an open-plan office.


On average, it took the employees approximately 45 minutes to work through the course unit. This corresponds to about one third of the time that would have to be estimated for classroom training with the same content. This saved 210 working hours for the employees to be trained alone as well as the costs/resources for 8-10 classroom training sessions with one trainer.

Within two months, 95% of the employees had already completed the e-learning course - thanks to the automatically sent reminder e-mails using the learning management system (LMS) Coach Fit2.

The employees were also excited and found the e-learning GMP:READY "interesting and well done." They "got along well".


GDP Compact

"The program is very clear and well structured. Everything that one must know about GDP is relatively simple and nevertheless explained in detail."

Susann Reichel, Project Manager Health Care Solutions at Grieshaber Logistics

"The GDP-e-learning offers a very good insight with good entrance for (transverse) beginners who change into the GDP-area or enter there. Also the exercises with practical examples are very good. At the same time this e-learning can be used as basis for the other modules (that still follow). It is good to read, additional information can be clicked on, the representation is clear, clear and precise".

Kerstin Kruithoff-Ley, Director Auditing & Quality Consulting
cirQum - Dr. Stephanie Blum

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