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Swissmedic: Swiss GMDP database in early 2024

Swissmedic: Swiss GMDP database in early 2024

According to Swissmedic, the independent SwissGMDP database will be launched in the first quarter of 2024. The database will be maintained similar to the European EudraGMDP database of the EMA. The GMP or GDP certificates of every company in Switzerland that has a valid Swissmedic operating licence will be listed. Contrary to the EudraGMDP, the SwissGMDP certificates contain all approved activities, i.e. the GDP activities and Switzerland-specific GMP activities of the Swiss companies will also be listed in the certificates.

The GMP/GDP status of a company should be easily accessible to all companies, authorities and persons via the portal. Furthermore, SwissGMDP enables a retrieval of all licence holders with a valid operating licence, including their locations and approved activities, and will replace the previous list of licence holders.

Summarised, the SwissGMDP database will:

  • be accessible to the general public,
  • provide free access to electronic GMP/GDP certificates
  • also include Switzerland-specific activities
  • allow access to GDP certificates of companies with only GDP related activities in their licences,
  • improve the exchange of information between regulators and the public, including the pharmaceutical industry,
  • contribute to the protection of the drug distribution chain and the active ingredient supply chain by facilitating the verification of legitimate operators,
  • greatly reduce the expenses of most companies for the issuance of GMP/GDP certificates, as all GMP/GDP certificates are available free of charge.

To maintain the SwissGMDP database, there will be a small fee for each application- or inspection-driven update of the GMP/GDP-relevant data. The database is expected to go live on the Swissmedic website in the first quarter of 2024. The exact date will be announced in due time.


Swissmedic: SwissGMDP Database