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Operation PANGEA IX combats illegal drug import

From May 30 to June 7, 2016, the Ninth Annual International Internet Week of Action took place. This global cooperative effort, led by INTERPOL, aims at fighting the unlawful sale and distribution of illegal and potentially counterfeit medical products on the internet. The operation involved regulatory authorities, custom agencies and law enforcement form more than 100 countries.


Here are some of the findings:

  • The US FDA requested the closure of 4.402 websites that illegally sold drugs and chemical products within the USA and issued 53 warning letters to website operators for offering unapproved and misbranded prescription drug products.
  • Myanmar authorities seized illicit anti-cancer medication.
  • In Singapore anabolic steroids, sleeping pills, pregnancy and diabetes drug kits were recovered.
  • In Germany 50.915 capsules, pills and ampoules were confiscated.
  • Police in Hungary seized some 65.000 anxiety medication tablets hidden in the back seat of a car and inside the spare wheel.

Operation Pangea resulted in 393 arrests worldwide and the seizure of more than 12.2 million fake and illicit medicines with a total value of USD 53 million. Private partners from the internet and payment industries also supported the operation, which saw the suspension of 4 932 websites selling illicit pharmaceuticals.





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