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Operation Broadsword: US FDA and Indian Government combat illegal drugs

The US FDA, in cooperation with the Indian authorities, has seized 500 shipments of illegal and potentially dangerous unapproved prescription drugs and medical devices. The products were in transit to American consumers by international mail.

Operation Broadsword was conducted from January 28 to 30, 2020. In just two days, investigators from both governments examined more than 800 shipments, identifying approximately 500 different FDA-regulated products. These included drugs to treat and/or alleviate serious diseases such as various forms of cancer and HIV. Many of the shipments, which included opioid products, had been re-routed through third countries to conceal their point of origin and avoid detection.

Similar to the European operation PANGEA, a longer-term cooperation is planned between the USA and India. An exchange of "best practices" should help to better target criminal actors at both ends.


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