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MHRA: UK and Canada – mutual recognition of GMP and batch testing certificates

On 5 January 2021, the UK MHRA published a joint statement by the UK and Canada, which applies on an interim basis and is intended to avoid trade disruptions as a result of the Brexit. 

Thus, GMP certificates and batch inspection certificates are to be mutually recognized to avoid re-controls after importation.  

Until 31 December 2020, trade between the UK and Canada was regulated by the CETA agreement. With Brexit coming into force, the UK's participation has ended.    

Unlike the EU-UK trade agreement, the UK-Canada agreement is more comprehensive, as it also regulates batch testing. In contrast, products imported into the EU from the UK have to be retested. 

The interim agreement between Canada and the UK is to be followed by a more extensive trade agreement after ratification. 


MHRA: Common Statement Canada-United Kingdom (as of 1 January 2021)


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