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When travelling...

When travelling...

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Gastrointestinal medicines, headache tablets and perhaps a gel to soothe insect bites? It's no big hassle to pack these and yet they give you a reassuring feeling of security.

By the time you and your first-aid kit set off on vacations, the medicines have already had a long, exciting journey.


Take a common painkiller tablet, for example: in three steps, phenol becomes para-(acetylamino)phenol – what we commonly know as paracetamol or acetaminophen. This active ingredient is sent from the active ingredient manufacturer to a drug manufacturer. There it is analysed in the control lab and stored until being processed – in the perfect mixing ratio together with various excipients – into the finished medicinal product. Once the final product has passed testing in the quality control lab and has been approved by the qualified person, it is packaged, stored again and then makes its way to the end user. This leads via logisticians, wholesalers and pharmacies. Of course, the whole process is always carried out under controlled conditions.

That's a lot of steps. Have you counted them? At least 10! And as the complexity of the medicine increases, the journey naturally becomes longer and longer.

You will find detailed information on each section of this journey in the GMP Compliance Adviser:

  • From the authorities' point of view: What requirements apply to the production, testing, storage and transport of active pharmaceutical ingredients and medicinal products? What do inspectors pay special attention to in inspections? Prepare yourself with our detailed GMP checklists!
  • Practical examples: Manufacturing, packaging, quality control – how can I make my processes GMP-compliant? How do others do it?
  • Current regulations: We keep all GMP-relevant regulations up to date for you.

We can't do the work for you – but we can make it easier!

Subscribe to the GMP Compliance Adviser now and go on holidays relaxed. Always with the knowledge that all relevant GMP information is just a mouse click away.

And if you have a very specific question that is not yet answered in the GMP Compliance Adviser? No problem, just ask our editorial team: in our network of around 80 authors, we will surely find the right expert knowledge for you.

You will receive the GMP Compliance Adviser one month free of charge for orders until 25 August 2023.

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