LOGFILE Feature 25/2020 – GMP:READY: GMP for Engineers


GMP:READY: GMP for Engineers

GMP Training: Simple and Online 24/7

5 minutes reading time

Installation Qualification (IQ)

Operational Qualification (OQ)

Performance Qualification (PQ)

Advantages for your company:

  • Can be used independently of time and location
  • Reduced training times
  • Guaranteed and documented learning success
  • Certificate for each employee
  • Easy to organize follow-up training
  • Validated software
  • Provides proof of training according to GMP regulations


Advantages for your employees:

  • Individual learning pace
  • Needs-based through various learning modules
  • Multimedia learning
  • Continuation of the course unit without data loss after pausing
  • Learning fun through playful interactions
  • Knowledge transfer through everyday examples

GMP:READY for Engineers – Test it now!

Experience the free trial version of the learning unit "Maintenance and Operational Support". The access includes the topics calibration and recalibration, requalification and GMP compliant documentation.

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