LOGFILE No. 45/2018 – GDP Questionnaire – Incoming goods


GDP Questionnaire – Incoming goods

An excerpt from the GDP Questionnaire

5 minutes reading time

by Simone Ferrante



This text is an excerpt from the GDP Questionnaire


The checklist is a practice-oriented tool for preparing and implementing self-inspections with an emphasis on GDP (Good Distribution Practice). Compliance with GDP requirements during the product life cycle of medicinal products for human use, their active substances, and medical devices can be monitored, checked and directly documented using a list of questions.

The checklist is aimed at companies involved in the distribution chain of healthcare products, including:

  • manufacturers of pharmaceutical and medical products
  • distributors of APIs
  • providers of logistics services
  • wholesalers and agents



Simone Ferrante
Pharmacist, Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs
Grieshaber Logistics Group AG, Bad Säckingen, Germany
E-mail: s.ferrante@grieshaber-group.com