Management Consultant

Hans H. Schicht, PhD

 Hans H. Schicht, PhD

in memoriam

Hans Schicht was a recognised expert for ventilation and clean room technology. His experience as independent management consultant was based on years of work in the construction of ventilation and clean room systems. He was a member of specialist and standardisation committees for many years and worked as a speaker and trainer in many different countries.

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering and Process Technology, Hans H. Schicht worked in the area of ventilation and clean room system construction for 20 years.

During this time, he worked in research and development, as head of an overseas subsidiary and as Technical Director.

Since 1991 he worked as a freelance consultant.

He was author/co-author of the following chapters of GMP Compliance Adviser:

  • 3.D Air Cleanliness Classes and Grades
  • 3.F Barrier systems, isolators and safety cabinets