Quality assurance at SK Pharma Logistics

Silke Ohlendorf

 Silke Ohlendorf

Silke Ohlendorf works in quality assurance at SK Pharma Logistics, where she is responsible for deviation, change and risk management. Other focal points of her work are the qualification of facilities and rooms as well as process validation in the logistics environment.

She also creates standard operating procedures and conducts employee trainings.

This also includes the preparation and review of qualification documentation. In addition, Ms. Ohlendorf is also responsible for the preparation of process instructions and the implementation of employee training on plant qualification and related GMP topics.

Ms. Ohlendorf previously worked for several years in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of quality assurance and manufacturing. She has broad experience in all important GMP topics. In particular, she knows the topic of plant qualification from the perspective of both the pharmaceutical customer and the plant supplier.