Founder, Managing Director, A&O Pharma GmbH

Olaf Mundszinger, PhD

 Olaf Mundszinger, PhD

Dr. Olaf Mundszinger is the founder of A&O Pharma GmbH, which since 2019 (initially as A&O Pharmadienstleistungen) has been offering consulting services for the pharmaceutical sector as well as releases of medicinal products and clinical investigational medicinal products. His main focus is the monitoring of GMP-compliant manufacturing and batch release of clinical investigational medicinal products. The focus of his activities is on the supervision and GMP compliant manufacturing and batch release of investigational medicinal products and products intended to sale.

After studying chemistry and obtaining a PhD in analytical chemistry, Olaf Mundszinger began his career in the chemical industry before moving to the pharmaceutical sector in 2008. While working for Develco Pharma GmbH in Schopfheim, he held positions in quality control and quality assurance.

He also gained extensive experience in the development, process transfer and validation of manufacturing processes for solid oral dosage forms. By completing his studies in pharmacy, he was recognised as a qualified person in 2014. In this function, he was initially responsible for investigational medicinal products, and later also for authorised medicinal products.

Since 2019, he has been self-employed, advising and assisting pharmaceutical companies in the conduct of clinical trials. He also advises the pharmaceutical industry and its suppliers on GMP issues with his company.

He is author or co-author of the following chapters of GMP Compliance Adviser:

  • 14.E Stability testing