Head of quality assurance and QMR at kohlpharma GmbH

Christoph Frick, PhD

 Christoph Frick, PhD

Christoph Frick has been working at kohlpharma GmbH since 2001. As head of quality assurance he is responsible for drug safety. Also he is a Qualified Person (QP) and Responsible Person according to GDP.  Since 2021, he has also acted as Quality Management Representative (QMR) in the course of certification according to DIN EN ISO 13485.

After graduating in pharmacy and receiving a PhD in Pharmaceutical Biology, Christoph Frick was employed as a pharmaceutical customer advisor in contract manufacture. He was responsible for issues relating to manufacture, the implementation of technological optimisation measures, scale-up measures and validation processes.

He also worked as Project Manager in Regulatory Affairs, as Manager Business Development and as Head of Manufacturing and Quality Control.

He is author or co-author of the following chapters of GMP Compliance Adviser:

  • 16.E Qualification of a cold-storage facility
  • 16.F Standard storage at 15–25 °C? A case study challenging conventional limits
  • 16.G The role of transport in ensuring the safety and quality of medicines
  • 16.H Regulatory requirements for the transport of pharmaceuticals
  • 16.I Transport conditions
  • 16.J Transport vehicles and shipping containers
  • 16.K Modes of transportation
  • 16.L Monitoring
  • 16.P Logistics service providers
  • 16.Q Transport validation