Senior Engineer and Air Conditioning Technician – Clean Room Technology

Harald Flechl

 Harald Flechl

Harald Flechl has more than 35 years of professional experience in cleanroom engineering for pharmaceuticals, electronics and healthcare. He assumed various functions in the areas of planning, implementation (project management) and maintenance. His main areas of activity were media supply, ventilation and air cooling systems.

Currently he is working as a freelance technical expert in the field of cleanroom technology and as author/co-author for the GMP Compliance Adviser.

From 2006 to 2016, Harald Flechl worked in the global engineering department of a pharmaceutical manufacturer for the HVAC+R areas (heating, steam, compressed air, ventilation, clean room, air cooling technology) for project management, energy optimization, life cycle considerations and technical design (internal standardisation). Numerous studies and implementation of energy optimizations for clean room ventilation systems extend the professional expertise.

He completed numerous further training courses in the field of contract law, air conditioning technology and quality assurance, was an employee of the Austrian Standards Institute and also works as a court certified expert. In addition he lectures on cleanroom technology for employee training, compliance, technical implementations and life cycle considerations.

In the further development of the patented "CG distributor" (sterile air distributor for low-turbulence, unidirectional flow) and the first OP room ventilation systems in the General Hospital Vienna (AKH, 1990) Harald Flechl was also involved.

Harald Flechl is a member of the ÖRRG (Austrian Cleanroom Society) the PDA (Parenteral Drug Association), and the ISPE (International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering).

He is author or co-author of the following chapters of GMP Compliance Adviser:

  • 3.D Air cleanliness classes and grades
  • 3.E Cleanroom construction components
  • 3.I Air handling technology
  • 3.J Qualification of premises and air handling technology
  • 3.K Pharma monitoring of HVAC systems
  • 3.M Furniture and furnishings