Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs at Grieshaber Logistics Group AG

Simone Ferrante

 Simone Ferrante

Since 2012, Simone Ferrante has been Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs in the Grieshaber Logistics Group AG. As Head of Quality Control and Responsible Person in accordance with GDP, she is responsible for the entire Grieshaber Group.

Simone Ferrante became involved in pharmaceutical logistics after completing her Pharmacology studies. She implemented a GDP/GMP-compliant quality management system at the Grieshaber Logistics Group AG and is still responsible for its further development and implementation.

At the same time, she obtained a Master's degree in Drug Regulatory Affairs at the University of Bonn. This afforded her the opportunity to advance her understanding of the statutory requirements for medicinal products during their entire life cycle. In her role at the logistics service provider, she applied this knowledge even before the current GDP Guidelines came into force.

She is a member of the Technical Committee of EALTH (European Association for Logistics & Transport in Healthcare).

She is author or co-author of the following chapter of GMP Compliance Adviser:

  • 16.R GDP Audit Questionnaire for the Transport and Storage of Medicinal Products for Human Use, Active Substances and Medical Devices