Head of Microbiology/Central Services at Labor LS SE & Co. KG

Melanie Braun

 Melanie Braun

Melanie Braun works at Labor LS SE & Co. KG in the Microbiological Services section and is responsible for industrial hygiene, microbial identification, the maintenance of reference strains, and culture media. She also conducts training seminars and offers customers individual practical training courses.

Melanie Braun has been working at Labor LS SE & Co. KG since she qualified in 1993. Initially responsible for carrying out a number of different microbiological tests in Quality Control, she moved to Quality Assurance in 2001.

Her main duties there included the qualification of devices and equipment, the handling of deviations, and the supervision and implementation of customer and official audits. She returned to Operations in 2010 as Head of Microbiology/Central Services.

She is also responsible for the preparation and control of culture media, the release of in-house and sourced media and the management of samples. In addition, she is the QVPlus contact person at LS SE & Co. KG for all issues relating to industrial hygiene.

She is author or co-author of the following chapter of GMP Compliance Adviser:

  • 10.E Microbiological monitoring