Energy and Sanitation Inspector and Head of Technology and Compliance Support at WDT

Ruven Brandes

 Ruven Brandes

Ruven Brandes became Head of Technology and Compliance Support for technical QA in 2006. He combines technological expertise with a strong quality awareness and possesses a broad range of professional experience. Ruven Brandes is involved in a number of different associations and committees and also works as an author and speaker.

In 2001, after completing his studies in Bioprocess Engineering, Ruven Brandes started working for the WDT. At the beginning, he held the position of Qualification Manager and was involved in the qualification of ultrapure water systems, and the cleaning validation and maintenance of GMP-related equipment.

He coordinated many projects in the area of operating technology and was responsible for the GMP-compliant implementation of several developments. His duties also included the processing of deviations and the coordination of CAPAs. He has been an Energy Inspector and Sanitation Inspector since 2014.

He is author or co-author of the following chapters of GMP Compliance Adviser:

  • 3.C Airlock concepts
  • 3.H Pharmaceutical gases
  • 4.B Materials
  • 4.C Hygienic Design
  • 4.E Technical documentation
  • 4.G Maintenance
  • 5.E Operation and maintenance of water systems
  • 5.G.1 How is the quality of pharmaceutical water monitored?
  • 5.G.2 Physical monitoring of pharmaceutical water
  • 12.A Introduction
  • 12.D Sterilisation processes
  • 12.E Aseptic processing
  • 12.I Testing for Leakage and for Particles
  • 13.B Packaging process