Consultant, CEO, cirQum

Stephanie Blum, PhD

 Stephanie Blum, PhD

Stephanie Blum is the owner and CEO of the cirQum consultancy in Frankfurt which she founded in 2008. The molecular biologist had previously worked in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry at managerial level for 10 years.

Stephanie Blum works as an auditor, consultant and speaker and is the author of various expert publications.

She is author or co-author of the following chapters of GMP Compliance Adviser:

  • 1.A Pharmaceutical quality system (PQS)
  • 1.B The documentation of the pharmaceutical quality system (PQS)
  • 1.M Management review
  • 18.A Principles
  • 18.B Audit management
  • 18.C Audit preparation
  • 18.D Audit execution  18.E Audit follow-up
  • 18.F Requirements for auditors
  • 18.G Special considerations depending on the auditee
  • 18.H Third-party audits and shared audits