Business Development Technician at Medinsa, Laboratorios Medicamentos Internacionales, S.A., Madrid

Paulino Alonso, PhD

 Paulino Alonso, PhD

From 2015 to 2019, Paulino Alonso worked as toxicologist and GMP cosultant at Azierta. He led more than 50 projects of implementation of ICH Q3D. He was responsible for internal training, revision, customer service and development of tailor-made implementation strategies.

He has been actively involved in scientific divulgation through conferences and seminars and in building partnerships with complementary companies. Since 2019 he is Business Development Technician at Medinsa, Laboratorios Medicamentos Internacionales, S.A.

Paulino started his PhD project after graduating in Pharmaceutical Sciences. His thesis involved the preparation of nanomaterials for advanced drug delivery systems and biosensors. Since he joined Azierta, he has been involved in several projects such as determination of health based exposure limits for cleaning validation in shared facilities, qualification of organic impurities, and risk assessment of mutagenic impurities.

Despite this, his main activity has been related to GMP compliance in quality assurance, developing SOPs and different implementation strategies for ICH Q3D compliance for several customers, ranging from small sites to multinational companies. His team has developed more than 1.000 ICH Q3D risk assessments for more than 70 companies in Europe and America.

Paulino was also involved in the development of a lifecycle management strategy and other areas related to GMP and toxicology.

He is author or co-author of the following chapter of GMP Compliance Adviser:

  • 14.N Elemental impurities