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Question of the Week

What is meant by the terms calibration, adjustment and verification?

  • Calibration is the determination and documentation of the difference between the displayed value and the correct applicable value without technical intervention.
  • Adjustment in measuring technology involves the setting and balancing of a measuring instrument to prevent measurement deviations exceeding the margin of error. Adjustment is carried out on the measuring instrument and usually leads to a permanent change.
  • Verification Testing and confirmation (stamping) carried out by a state-run verification authority in accordance with statutory regulations. The verification of a balance involves testing and stamping by the relevant verification authority in accordance with the regulations. Verification and calibration do not mean the same thing. A balance must be calibrated but not always verified. According to verification legislation, mandatory verification applies to balances, for example, that are used or are available „to determine weight for the purposes of business transactions“ or „to test finished batches or medicinal products“. Other balances subject to mandatory verification are defined in the respective national verification regulation.
[GMP MANUAL, Chapter 4.F.2]

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