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Stay up-to-date

The GMP MANUAL is updated with new topics and current regulations several times throughout the year.


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Contributors & Advisory Board
A team of 50 experts compiled the GMP-MANUAL sharing their knowledge with you. An advisory board of world renowned experts review the articles and consider their national validity


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GMP in Practice: 24 chapters written by internationally renowned industry experts.


GMP Regulations: 8 chapters with the most important GMP guidelines and regulations.



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Maas & Peither America, Inc.
GMP Publishing

1060 First Avenue, Suite 400
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Phone  +1 (610) 768-8028
Fax      +1 (610) 337-9548

Maas & Peither AG
GMP Publishing

Karlstrasse 2
79650 Schopfheim                   

Phone +49 (0)7622 666 86-70                
Fax      +49 (0)7622 666 86-77

E-mail service@gmp-publishing.com
Info www.gmp-publishing.com

Mission statement
As a publishing company, Maas & Peither - GMP Publishing specializes in providing current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) information. We provide expertise and know-how for all GMP topics. We also facilitate the implementation of GMP for industry and regulatory partners. Customer needs are at the centre of our efforts, resulting in sustainable and successful relationships with our clients.

Background Information
Maas & Peither - GMP Publishing serves as a platform for GMP knowledge and has become a trusted partner for all GMP related questions and publications.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a term that is recognized worldwide for the control and management of manufacturing and quality control testing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Maas & Peither is serving the international community of pharmaceutical manufacturers, suppliers, engineering companies and related industries with various products offering the most extensive GMP knowledge database worldwide. The company provides expert up-to-date, in-depth and reliable knowledge and services about easy implementation of GMP.

In 1999 the company was founded by Anita Maas, Barbara Peither and Thomas Peither in Germany with the vision of providing their colleagues in industry and regulatory authorities with a comprehensive and up-to-date GMP reference manual - a resource which enables them to implement and maintain GMP regulations.  Over the last ten years Maas and Peither has become a worldwide platform which provides expertise and know-how for all GMP topics. In 2000 they published the first GMP-BERATER in German which soon became a market leader. In 2002 they added the CD-ROM to their portfolio and launched an online version of the GMP-BERATER in 2004.

In 2006 was the first release of the GMP MANUAL - the English version of their GMP BERATER. It is updated 2-3 times a year.  By extending their portfolio Maas & Peither responded to the expanding demand of the international community.  With the GMP MANUAL - now being sold in over 65 countries - they are serving customers in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. The company can count on a broad base of expertise.  This includes the company founders and authors along with the global advisory board of 19 members from Europe, USA and Japan – all experts and key opinion leaders on GMP. In collaboration with more than 50 authors from Europe and the US Maas & Peither enables achievement of GMP requirements around the world.

Headquartered in Schopfheim (Germany) Maas & Peither - GMP Publishing is strategically located near the heart of the European pharmaceutical industry in Basel (Switzerland). A team of 14 employees is responsible for editing, production, distribution and shipping as well as customer service, public relations, marketing and sales.  Maas & Peither has alliances with partners around the world supporting them with the distribution and shipment of GMP MANUALs.
In 2009 Maas & Peither America has opened an entity in Philadelphia (USA) to enhance the success of the GMP MANUAL in the US and Canada.